Friday, January 7, 2011

White Tiger Story Makes The Rounds

Yesterday, I posted a skeptical (not to mention quizzical) look at a company whose shares have shot up for no apparent reason. The story, about White Tiger Gold, has made the rounds: for example, this write-up at Stockhouse.

Although the company closed at $6.87 a share yesterday, below the price it was at when I first wrote on it, the excitement has come back. That $6.87 represents a substantial recovery from its afternoon low of $5.39, reached at 3:27 PM ET on the heels of a company announcement saying management didn't know why the share price was up. As I write this, White Tiger's at $7.45, below its high today but well above yesterday's last trade.

It might fall later, if the excitement does end up waning. At any rate, its volatility should be apparent.

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