Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bail-Out: A Short Story

It was early 2014, and gold's bull market was almost at the thirteenth anniversary point. Hugh Mueller had gotten a junior analyst's job, in 1998, with the now-huge Japteus gold fund. He was promoted to fund manager in 2006, over the heads of more senior analysts who didn't care. They were happier at their desks and staying private investors.

Mueller was now the officially recognized #1 manager of a large fund for 2013. He had arrived. The money was pouring in faster than he could invest it. He was no longer shunned; he was popular. His gold niche was no longer laughed at; he was close to revered. Everything was going much better than he could have reasonably expected. The big guys - the Masters of the Universe - were welcoming he and his wife into their circle.

He was triumphant - but what bubbled up from his psyche jarringly clashed with the fame bestowed upon him. Hugh Mueller was becoming a nervous wreck, now enslaved by the fear of losing it all....

[Warning: This story's for adults. There's one graphic bit.]

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