Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Deutsche Bank Offer Daring Call: $2,000 Gold This Year

Normally, mainstream calls for gold to go up - even if the raw number seems daringly high - amount to an annual gain of less than 10%. That's well below gold's real annual gain over the last ten years. Of course, making semi-safe predictions increase the odds of the prediction panning out.

Given this practice, Deutsche Bank's latest gold forecast stands out as particularly daring.
Gold, which reached a record on May 2, may surge a further 30 percent by January as investors seek to protect themselves from “economic uncertainty,” according to Deutsche Bank AG.

“I’m bullish on gold despite its current levels,” Hal Lehr, Deutsche Bank’s managing director for cross-commodity trading, said in an interview in Buenos Aires. “It could reach $2,000 an ounce in the next eight months.”

Who Lehr is likely influenced his lack of typical analyst caution. Lehr's not part of the analyst department; the unit he head up has more to do with the trading department. Still, his words do have Deutsche Bank's stamp on them.

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