Friday, April 15, 2011

Major Mafia Figure Had Gold Bars Stashed In Basement

Joseph Massino, a major organized-crime figure who's turned state's evidence, had an unusual savings plan. At his height, he had $7 million in cash stashed in the attic of his home and hundreds of gold bars in his basement.
Naturally, the cash was in his attic and the gold bars were in the basement—that's where everyone keeps theirs, right? Massino revealed that he agreed to become the first crime boss to testify for the government so his wife would be financially secure: According to the Daily News, Massino turned over the cash and gold, but his wife Josephine "and his mother got to keep the homes they lived in, as well as five homes in Howard Beach and one in Brighton Beach that produced rental income."

I don't think he had much fear of the gold being stolen from his basement. [True fact: a neighbourhood where Mafia bosses reside can be spotted by its suspiciously low crime rate.]

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