Friday, April 1, 2011

Gold Panners Murdered In Zimbabwe

Gold panning is strenuous, and the accident-prone can get themselves injured by (say) falling off a steep slope or getting caught by a boulder while trying to move it. But, normally, homicide isn't one of the risks. Sadly, murder is what two Zimbabwean panners got in return for trusting two strangers they hired to help them.
TWO men from Bulawayo were killed while panning for gold near Kwekwe River early this week by people they had hired to help them.

Pevey Geoffrey (65) and Michael [Sutherland] (35) of Morningside in Bulawayo had gone to the Midlands mining town in search of the mineral.

Police chief spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Wayne Bvudzijena confirmed the incident.

He said the incident occurred on Sunday after the pair travelled from Bulawayo and met Farai Lawrence Ndlovu and Wellington Gadzi-ra in Gweru.

The two, it is reported, believed there was some gold near Kwekwe River and took Ndlovu and Gadzira with them in their Nissan Patrol.
Thankfully, police found one of the culprits and arrested him.


  1. Just to correct the report, and the Zimbabwe Police description; His name was Michael Sutherland, not Sunderland, and his friends name was Geoffrey Pevey. I grew up with Michael and spent many a good year fishing the Zambezi River with him, a place he loved more than any other. God rest you and keep you buddy.

  2. Thanks for the correction. My condolences: it must have been a real shock to find out an old friend was murdered.