Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Gold Popular Enough To Reach Hollywood

Perhaps in response to the show Gold Rush: Alaska, veteran director Michael Mann and writer Paul Haggis are teaming up to put together a thriller similar to Humphrey Bogart classic Treasure Of The Sierra Madre. Taking place in a contemporary setting, it's to be entitled Gold.
The story follows prospectors and speculators on the ruthless search for gold and comes from Patrick Massett and John Zinman (co-executive producers of "Friday Night Lights" and "The Chicago Code") who first wrote the spec script as a feature writing sample.

Initially, Haggis was circling the project to direct himself before taking on other projects. However, the writer showed the sample script to Mann and he took the the story immediately. The director has picked up the script for his Forward Pass production banner and intends to direct the film as well....
The article from which this snippet was taken notes that movies about gold-hunting have been few and far between lately. That paucity may change as gold enters into the mainstream.

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