Tuesday, April 5, 2011

U.S. Gold Bullion Coin Sales Rise With Intro Of New Gold Buffalo

Sales of gold Eagles have been a little slow recently, but sales of U.S. Mint gold products have risen with the introduction of the 2011 Gold Buffalo.
The United States Mint’s level of monthly gold bullion sales rose, driven by the release of the 2011-dated American Gold Buffalo Coins. Reported sales for silver bullion coins marked the lowest level in three months, although sales continued to be restrained by the Mint’s allocation program, which rations supplies amongst authorized purchasers.

Across all available options, the US Mint sold 111,500 troy ounce of gold bullion during March. This is up from the prior month total of 92,500 ounces and also up from the year ago sales level of 102,000 ounces....
Despite that softening, the U.S. Mint is using an allocation program which limits the number of coins a retail purchaser can buy. Of interest is the fact that the fractional Eagles and the Buffalo are being released earlier this year than in the past.


  1. Thanks for the information about the coin sales. I heard that the sales have increased in the past few days again. Gold seems to fluctuate a fair amount but always seems to be steadily rising in value.

  2. Yes, it's in a long-term bull market.