Thursday, March 17, 2011

Alaskan Charged With Stealing Gold from Brother

Alaska has its idiosyncracies, which even show up in crimes committed in the region. According to a report in the, a 61-year-old Alaskan man has been charged with criminal damage to property and concealing stolen property after he allegedly lifted his brother's gold.
Michael Villwock reported to police that his brother, Robert, had thrown a chainsaw through a window of his garage on the evening of Jan. 24. Fearing for his safety, Michael Villwock fled from his County Trunk Y residence.

When Michael Villwock returned home on Jan. 31, he found a torn-up copy of Robert's will inside his mailbox.

The defendant's brother told police that a safe containing more than $67,700 in gold Kruggerand coins was missing, according to the criminal complaint....
Adding to the twists in the story, Robert Villwock tried to barter six of the Krugerrands for a used skid loader; the owner refused, so he sold six coins instead and bought the loader with cash.

Based upon that story, Robert Villwock is one mean man. His brother said other crimes were committed against him by Robert, but he shut up about them for fear of retaliation.

Sibling rivalry...

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