Thursday, March 31, 2011

Welsh Gold Found For Royal Wedding Ring

The bride's, of course. Despite the Wales gold industry grinding to a halt, there are still some nuggets out there. One is in the hands of the Crown Jeweller, the nugget for Princess Diana's ring now being too small for use.
The last fully functioning Welsh gold mine closed in 2007, though Clogau gold has been busy keeping the Welsh gold dream alive, offering its rich, rosy hued gold which contains small elements of Welsh gold. Nevertheless, it looks as though supplies will run out by 2016.

For Kate, her story goes back to 1981, when the Royal British Legion presented the Queen with a new chunk of gold to be used in future royal wedding bands. The 36g nugget of 21ct gold Welsh gold was used for making Sarah Ferguson's ring in her marriage to Prince Andrew, along with the ring for Sophie Rhys-Jones and later for Camilla Parker-Bowles marriage to Prince Charles in 2005.
So, the tradition continues. There might be enough gold for Prince Andrew's upcoming wedding.


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