Friday, March 18, 2011

If You Flaunt Your Bling...Watch It

That's the message Sacramento police have for people sporting gold jewellry after a spate of grab-and-run robberies. Gold is not only more expensive, but also more noticed because more people know it's going up. That wider reach includes criminals, who are finding it easier to sell or hock the gold they've stolen.
Robbers so far have struck twice this month along the Stockton Boulevard corridor. “It's surprising, because we haven't really seen any sort of violent activity going on around here,” said Mike Chan...

In one incident, the suspect confronted a woman pushing a shopping cart, and grabbed her necklace right off of her throat....

Brenda Twist, who shops along the boulevard, says a woman was recently attacked right in front of her little daughter. “She was robbed and stabbed. She made it, though,” said Twist.

The most recent attacks happened in broad daylight....
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