Tuesday, March 15, 2011

100 Oz Nugget Approaching Auction

Today is the day that a 100-oz gold nugget, a lucky find by a Nevada Couty resident who's unnamed in the write-up, is being auctioned off. Found in bedrock underneath some old mining tailings, It's now known as the Washington Nugget.
The find was far from total luck.

The Nevada County resident had his undeveloped property – not far from the old mining town of Washington – assayed by a professional for possible gold deposits.

"Just to see what gold would be down to the first 10 feet," he said.

There was some fine gold, and a hint that there might be more in the bedrock beneath the old mining tailings.

Knowing how Gold Rush lodes were found in similar bedrock, "it led us to think there may be some," he said....
What did the trick was ground-penetrating radar, which is also used in archeology. The nugget itself was about ten feet down in a crevice; after the radar was used, a metal detector did the trick. The man also found to much small, but still large, nuggets in the crevice he exposed.

Below is a picture of the lucky fellow with his find, gotten from the same article linked to above:


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  2. You think that one is big, well you ain't seen nothing until you see the one that Oswald Pelaez over at ozsgold.com has in his office. I tell you what, the one you have in that photo is knee high to a grasshopper compared to the Mr. OZ has. His gold nugget is as big as a big sack of potatoes. And it is pure 38 carat gold, the largest one in the world. I swornie that nugget is worth millions and millions of dollars. Look him up on Facebook and give him a call. Maybe he will send you a picture of it.