Friday, March 11, 2011

Burying The Evidence

That's putting the matter politely. In India, an arrested thief tried to keep a five-gram gold biscuit by swallowing it.
...when officers searched Shaikh's [the thief's] house, they found no trace of the gold. Shaikh, who was in police custody, steadfastly refused to use the bathroom. "Shaikh was uncooperative, but we became suspicious after he refused to go to the toilet for four days at a stretch," said inspector A K Pathare of Bhoiwada station.

When the police took the accused to the hospital for a checkup, a sonography revealed that he had swallowed the stolen gold. "The gold biscuit was in Shaikh's stomach. Doctors have told us not to worry as we will get the gold, eventually. All we can do is wait," said investigating officer Shashikant Gatt.

Given how police behave in India, I'm guessing that the one who''ll have the honour of extracting the gold from the "night soil" is the thief himself. Not the usual pay dirt, that's for sure.

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